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Support Staff Supervisor

What is your birthstone?


What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why?

My Swiss Army watch. It was my favorite piece from the first day I started working here and about a year after starting I finally bought it. I still wear it every day.

When did you start your journey in the jewelry industry?

I started almost 5 years ago, right out of high school.

What do you love most about Olympia?

Olympia is an amazing city. The landscape is so diverse, we have mountain ranges and the sound all in the same view downtown. Olympia may not be the most exciting but there's plenty to do and see. It's just an incredible city.

What is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face?

Seeing the Seahawks win will always make me happy.

What is your ultimate dream vacation?

I would love to go to Japan. I'm not sure what it is but I've always wanted to go there and see all the historical landmarks as well as the largest city in the world. Japan also has plenty of beaches so you can have fun just like you would in Hawaii.

What's something on your "bucket list"?

I would love to go see every major sports franchise around the country. Just going to every teams home game and enjoying the atmosphere would be awesome.

What is your favorite quote or saying?

"Be better than you were yesterday, always improve."

Which are YOU?! UW Husky or WSU Cougar?

As a Seattle sports fan I gotta go UW.