Birthstones Guide by Month

Through centuries, a tradition has developed associating certain gemstones with times of the year. With the passing of time and the influence of cultures, different gemstones have been ascribed to different months. This guide is meant to illustrate and identify the generally accepted modern gemstones by month.

MonthBirthstonePictureStone Color
January Garnet Dark Red
February Amethyst Purple
March Aquamarine, Bloodstone* Pale Blue
April Diamond Clear / Colorless
May Emerald Deep / Bright Green
June Pearl, Moonstone*, Alexandrite* Pearl / Cream
July Ruby Red
August Peridot, Carnelian* Light Green
September Sapphire Deep Blue
October Opal, Lapis Lazuli*, Tourmaline* Multicolor
November Topaz or Citrine Yellow
December Turquoise, Blue Zircon*, Tanzanite* Sky Blue
*Alternate Birthstones