Living Coral - Pantone's Color of the Year 2019

Pantone’s color of 2019 has been announced as Living Coral!

This bold, energetic and dynamic color is sure to liven things up for the new year!

Pantone calls Living Coral “sociable and spirited” and says that it is a nurturing color.

This blended hue of orange and pink creates a bright spot in our everyday lives. Cheerful and shocking, it lends itself well to all aspects of fashion, décor and graphic design.

While coral is a vibrant color, it’s compliment color of teal is equally so.

The first known written use of the word “coral” to describe a color was in 1513, and the use of “coral pink” was in 1892. Since then, the term “coral” for color, has been used to described reds, oranges, and pinks, as well as mixed colors from those components.

The color appears in fashion as well as the natural world. Flowers and of course, the namesake of the color, come to mind instantly.

Coral colored roses are said to mean enthusiasm, while other flowers like peonies and dahlias, along with more tropical plants, boast matching tones.

Gemstones, of course, are no different.

Rhodochrosite and Padparadscha Sapphire match Living Color almost perfectly, with their lively blend of just the right amount of pink and orange.

Other gemstones to consider are other sapphire colors, hues of topaz and spinel, as well as certain garnets.

Rhodochrosite embodies the feeling of Living Coral with its color and the belief that it is a powerful stone for opening your heart once more. It is said to heal emotional wounds and be a guide for finding love.

Padparadscha is a high energy stone with an exotic look. The name comes from the Sanskrit word for “lotus”. And indeed, some lotus blossoms exhibit Living Coral excellently!

The mix of emotional colors like orange and pink strikes a cord and radiates energy. It’s a striking duality of pink, a soft hue, and orange, a daring hue. The combination is calming yet inspirational.

Living Coral reminds us that the world around us is alive, filled with wonder and magic, if we only take a few moments to look. The color dives deep into our hearts, beckoning an appreciation for life’s moments and worthwhile memories.

According to Pantone, they chose this color for that very reason. In a world so immersed in technology, we all seek connections.

Living Coral is a delight to the eyes and a light to the heart.

What connections do you plan on making this new year?

Happy New Year!