So you Want to propose

First of all congratulations! It's truly a magical moment when you finally find your true love.


To help guide you along the way we have some helpful hints and tips and a proposal generator that not only give you some ideas for what to say during that big moment but may also tickle your funny bone. After she says "Yes!" feel free to look over bridal checklist with your sweetie to keep things on track for the wedding.


Proposal Generator

Feeling a little tongue tied on how to express your love to create an awesome marriage proposal?

Give our "Proposal" generator a whirl to help get your creative juices flowing...


Proposal Do's and Don'ts

A few hints and tips to ensure that the answer you get is "Yes!"...

Bridal Checklist

A helpful guide to help make sure you've dotted all the "I's" and crossed all your "T's" in preparation for your Big Day!